Life, open

I know I take a lot of pictures of flowers but I love flowers. And I love them most when they are fully open and have given as much of themselves as they can.

I suppose just a reflection of my own aspirations…

note to world #9032

she hummed to herself all day,

all sorts of music, dust in her hair,

and the dog tilted its head &

wondered up at her

from its perch near the rug’s edge

but she was not worried because

she was busy spring cleaning

her head and her heart

to make room for what comes next

Note to world #2206

She wanted pizza for dinner.

She also didn’t want to leave home or wait for a cold delivery….or spend any more money today, for that matter. She liked the notion of being frugal and resourceful this evening.

She rummaged around in the cupboard and made oatmeal instead. With walnuts and honey :

pizza-like for dinner.