Piano man

He sometimes lost his words

but not the notes, not the keys

so when he couldn’t speak,

he just played instead :

soulful music poured out

happy light, and defiant too

the feeling of song so deep

it could not be stolen by time

The opera

her expression is often cold,

no matter how warm her heart –

self taught to go beyond emotion, the

sublimation of natural impulses

transmitted to the audience, an

undercurrent of suppressed feeling :

projection of desires she does not act upon.

Stoically she suffers a loss so quiet & vast

it spills out of her mouth, a gift she gives

to draw them closer to the dangerous

undertow of her distance, her demise.

note to world #9032

she hummed to herself all day,

all sorts of music, dust in her hair,

and the dog tilted its head &

wondered up at her

from its perch near the rug’s edge

but she was not worried because

she was busy spring cleaning

her head and her heart

to make room for what comes next

songs by bill

I had stumbled into the conversation

taking place openly but with

such intimate expression that

maybe I shouldn’t listen,

maybe I shouldn’t know

because thereafter I’d never

unhear it, unknow it and

I’d still be on the outside, like he.

not a member of that congregation :

estranged but deeply familiar

with an ache to belong

Subway songs

There’s a sound the subway makes,

notes it sings out with each departing

train, waiting to take me to that place

inside my head and far from here,

emotional transportation, release

from the boundaries of the daily

within the limits of the ordinary



headless & fierce danced next to me, pressed close to my movements and

turned my thoughts inside out and wild into the world, just to see how it felt when

dangerous silhouettes took a turn with them in broad daylight, casting their own



How to remain faithful
when the text seems wrong
in my mouth, a tongue not my own:
when to follow the spirit, 
the unshaped & unknown, 
instead of the letters, 
clear, sharp and dark – 
the literal making you work 
so hard to understand 
that you surrender
before you can find the 
joy of the intention