Dog love 8

Another stormy morning. 

To make the best of it, I walked extra far with my thoughts and the dog as company. 

By the end, I felt there was something almost mystical about sipping hot coffee mixed with rain when you’re holding a bag of dog poop. 

Note to world #9455

She decided to park in an entirely different spot every day. Just to ensure that she had to actually think when she left the building at night. 

And she had to wonder whether this is how she was keeping things interesting at work right now – by trying to get lost in the parking lot …? 

Life, purchased  

A colleague asked me what I spend money on when I feel down – some people buy shoes. Or handbags. Maybe a manicure. 

But for me, it’s flowers. Tulips if I can get them. And I fill every room in my little house–even the bathroom gets a small spray of flowers. 

A happy array of red tulips sustain me today.  


Mother’s Day Menu 2017 

Fresh berries (only the blue ones because the red ones looked ‘funny’)

Blueberry pancakes (lovingly half-cooked and half-scorched)

Salad dressing (because it also could be syrup when you’re young and sleepy)


And a nap…..(the chef went back to bed immediately after)

The coat

It was time to leave and he held her coat in his hands, ready for her. 

But after all these years, she still hadn’t figured out how to let anyone help her with her coat on and he still hadn’t figured out how to coax her into trusting him enough to do it. 

Her arm flailed around behind her and he bobbed to catch it with the sleeve of her coat. 

Eventually they managed – and she ran out of the bar into the busy street. He stood and watched, thinking that the scene had been like some horrible metaphor for their clumsy romance. 

Note to world #8865

She caught herself thinking that maybe if she just waited long enough, things would get better.  Not that things were terrible. They just weren’t better

Of course, she wasn’t sure what she was waiting for. But it was definitely the underlying instinct about her current ‘so-so’ life. 

And then that whole strange Waiting for Godot thing seemed to come into focus for about two seconds before it floated away again.   

vermont (for jim)

He went looking for
his long ago lover
in the snowy dark, though
his wife of 23 years lay
next to him.
When he found her,

the sun was only just
washing over the horizon,
casting life onto his
blue hued face and
giving false hope
to his fresh widow.