Things lost

My hat rested outside all night long on the driveway.

A lonely left glove stuck up through crusty snow.

House keys dangled from the front door.

All of these things have been waiting for me to see them – and suddenly I could relate to them in a way I hadn’t before.

Now we are together again and I am ready to accept their help and comfort.

Note to self #4

… the universe was speaking to me ….

one friend said I was only just beginning the second chapter in my life

another said that when she was my age, there was a completely unimagined life still ahead for her

… so I guess I am going to stop living like I’ve hit the epilogue and get on with the business of writing myself into new stories of my own making …

Joy in my kitchen

Three dull pumpkin carving knives

Eight fondue sticks

Four sets of fancy chopsticks and one mangled sushi rolling mat

One petite grapefruit spoon

My favorite pie making tools

A tangled heap of cookie cutters and a sticky box of decorating items

…. and all of the memories wedged in the crevices like crumbs …