My day

The lost couple, they remind me

that kindness cannot be rushed.

I stop to help them and miss

my chance to cross with the light.

So we all walk across the next time

and I hear about their life together.

The cabbie, he gives me backseat lessons

in god, forgetfulness & blessings.

Forgetfulness is god’s reminder that

we are wonderfully imperfect,

he says when we take a wrong turn

and he turns off the meter altogether.

The commuter, she stoops down

in humility to tie a homeless man’s

shoes, asking with care whether

she has tied them too tightly and

how he likes the laces knotted

while she and the man cry together.

The dancer, graceful but aged

speaks of mentors, blurry ghosts on

a screen behind her, and the beauty

they bring into her world, gifts

she carries in her very movement,

words and memory talking together.

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