The dog owner who wasn’t

The housekeeper sometimes drops by the house in the morning on her way to her first client.

Just to say hi to the dog.

In a special squeaky voice.

In a secret language she only uses with the dog.

She and the dog love each other in a way I – as the personal bank paying for the dog’s many and varied health issues – simply cannot.

And sometimes the housekeeper also leaves me little notes about the dog, propped up directly in front of the coffee machine so I can’t miss them….often written in a way that strangely reminds me of a ransom note maybe.

The notes say things like, “I fed Sunday” with a giant smiley face – which always makes me feel slightly inadequate, as though I had already failed in my first and primary duty as dog owner before 8 am.

But sometimes I fantasize that the note will say “I took the dog and she’s mine now”.

Which might leave me with a giant smiley face. And I think I could cope with any feelings of dog owner inadequacy.

3 thoughts on “The dog owner who wasn’t

    1. I have checked out all options ! No luck. But it’s all good. The dog is still loved and desired here – just not at the level exhibited by the housekeeper !

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