Note to world #4438

Classic clusterf*ck cooking from Working Mom Crocker over here ….. I spent all day laboring over dinner, only to forget the five-minute boxed stuffing mix I promised to make for my youngest.

I was halfway into eating my pile of mashed potatoes before I remembered. Which launched the girls into a whole funny retrospective of all the odd food things I’ve done – or not – over the years for my single-mom holiday festivities.

Luckily, the younger one is more forgiving than the older child, and we managed to eat the rest of the meal with more chuckles than anything else. The homemade chocolate cake at the end especially helped.

After which I wrestled with the ham bone for the rest of the meat in order to make cheesy casseroles, hearty soups and crusty sandwiches the rest of the week. And turned on the dishwasher for the second time today. And flipped through a recipe for Christmas breakfast.

I find the provisioning of food – and all that it entails – for hungry teenagers to be maybe the most relentless and arduous task, one from which I get almost no relief.

Is it time to go back to work yet?


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