Note to world #8354

Our family dog has been seriously ill for the past two months.  

At first, I thought maybe the dog was just being more anxious than usual. And I wondered about how I would explain my own flatulence now that the dog barely farted anymore. 

Every day, the babysitter and I would come up with two to five logical explanations for the dog’s growing disinterest in smelly socks, dirty tennis balls – and then with more alarming frequency, food …. then water.  

And it’s become a full blown emergency now – still with no explanation.  Even the vet uses a lot of fancy words – like ‘idiopathic’ – and runs a lot of tests – all of which essentially means he doesn’t know what’s wrong.  I’m worried when doctors don’t know.  For now, it’s wait and watch.  And I hate waiting.  


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