The (f)art of yoga

Day 3 @ yoga retreat and my big wisdom arrives: Yoga is really about farting without shame. I mean, I spent an incredible amount of time trying to control my own flatulence, and heard many many people around me releasing their own gas.  

When I browsed the gift shop, in fact, all the books made more sense when I added some flatulence focus to them: 

1/ “Fart without effort” – how to squeeze out the most resistant flatulence

2/ “Yoga escapes” – how to move from the smell of your own farts during yoga 

3/ “Fart with your yoga partner – and enjoy it” – about the practice of yoga farting in pairs 

4/ “The yoga of gas pains” – how to combat gassy bloating during yoga  

5/ and the book for me – “Yoga farting for beginners”


3 thoughts on “The (f)art of yoga

  1. LOL, wow… no one mentioned flatulence. Trust me, yoga class is now as foreign to me as hot air ballooning. Um… enjoy? Maybe not.. Have fun!

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