Writing to say less 

My trade in life, 20 years of it
demands that I deliver

both brevity and clarity –
I am constantly

parsing and whittling,
editing myself down to the one

perfect – but ordinary – word
that says everything that once was stated with 30.

And then there’s my own personal penchant for sparsity and nuance.
Any novel I might have once

held inside of me
has been reduced to a few disjointed blog posts.

By the time I finish some projects,
I actually delete the whole thing

and have nothing.
Or I don’t write enough and

no one knows what I mean;
they fill in the spaces between with

their own thoughts.
But its not just my writing.

It’s also what I do in my dealings with other people.
I don’t say enough.

Or I’m worried I won’t make sense so I refrain.
Maybe I finally decide to say nothing at all because

it isn’t going to make a difference
and in the silence, I am interpreted and inferred into

something that is not my own.
I’m quiet a lot.

Feeling too much perhaps.
But very quiet.


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