signifying nothing

in the car on my long drive, the radio plays and
i wonder about all these stories we tell, we hear
… what is the power of an individual story?
can one story make a difference ?
i want to believe that
each voice brings hope for change
through shared experience and empathy
– but as i watch each of us – watch myself –
turn away from others, i worry instead
that it is just a habit carried down
through all the years of our existence,
a catharsis to purge ourselves
of our hate and fear and pity
my own thoughts
having already been
spoken many times
but to no effect

is it enough to simply speak?


4 thoughts on “signifying nothing

    1. Exactly how I feel. Some days I am more hopeful that I can make a mark in the world with my existence —- maybe it’s time to watch “it’s a wonderful life” again.

      1. Yes! What a brilliant movie. A truly helpful movie. We rarely think of our impact on others, even as we clearly recall a mere smile or happy greeting that changed our entire day’s trajectory.

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