note to world #5534

she felt jubilant, grateful and relieved:
she was nearing the end of her term as a deacon….she caught herself thanking God, actually….and she wondered to herself (& God, she supposed) whether it was ok to give thanks for the end of church duty

– and never you mind what it might say about her precarious state of grace 

Note to world #6835

Best thing in her email inbox: her teenage daughter sent her a Christmas list. On October 18. 

She wasn’t sure if she was more excited about the list – a lingering and happy remnant of her daughter’s childhood – or her daughter’s – possibly genetic but at a minimum, learned – predisposition toward advance planning…. 

number 8

when it is standing up, it reminds her of a snowman, and when it gets tired & lays down, it simply becomes infinity, which is pretty neat for being lazy 

and she still consults a magic 8-ball for answers to tricky questions, 

and she constantly feels that she’s behind the 8-ball,

and since she was a kid, her favorite joke has been that 7 8 9 

– even though in real life she is terrible at math and billiards, 

she enjoys all that word play around this one magnificent number.