Note to world #6583

The family fish died tonight. 

He drifted to the bottom of his bowl and laid down, like he was just going to take a little fish nap.  And he never moved again. 

I thought fish floated when they died. But not our little guy.  He behaved as oddly in death as he had in life.  

And oddest of all? I’m actually pretty sad about it. 


One thought on “Note to world #6583

  1. Did you try putting him in a bowl of cold water and gently pulling him by the tail backwards around and around the bowl to get the water into his gills? I’ve revived a couple of fish that way, long after they seemed truly dead, even floating without he slightest movement. Anyway, I’m sorry about the loss. I have an oversized goldfish I like a lot, and I’m dreading the day when…

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