Note to world: speechless 

Stumbled today across articles proclaiming proof that eskimos really do have 50 words for “snow”….I missed the whole controversy in the decade plus since having children.  But it did make me think I would be able to muster up at least that many words to describe the overwhelming fog of exhaustion that goes with being a working mother.  Because I am really just so done hearing myself use the word “tired” all the time.  And I have a college degree, you know!  But no such luck….in fact, instead of using different words, I’ve grown fond of capitalization (or lack thereof) and punctuation to express my state of weariness. Soon I will speak only in symbols and grunts and I’ll be back at the Neanderthal stage of things. Better yet, it will match the responses I sometimes get from my millennial offspring – and then, friends, the circle will be complete.

But seriously – on the upside – my lack of vocabular variety is working out well since I’m essentially catatonic from fatigue anyway.  Less being more, and all that, I’m saving my brain energy for Words with Friends. 


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