Note to world #6734

She clicked through all the photos from her trip, looking carefully at the many details in them.  After one pass through, she leaned back and rubbed her tired face and ran her fingers through her disheveled hair. There would be hours of work ahead ….. because every image was slightly askew – just like her life. 

Note to world #5553

It had been a very long week with many stressful challenges of both personal and professional variety.  

In a moment of indulgent self-pity, she signed up for a massage. 

But she spent most of the time writhing in pain when the slightest bit of pressure was applied to an area the therapist called her “lower back” but which she knew to be her plain old butt. 

Apparently she had been holding most of her tension in her ass – which gave her a whole new perspective on the phrase “anal retentive.”

Note to world: rationalizing adulthood 

She torn open the cookie : “Never let unhappiness enter your home”….

Pfffft.  Right. “Scratch that,” she muttered.  “Try again.”  She searched the delivery bag for another cookie. Her children didn’t even bother with fortune cookies so there was a good chance there would be an extra one rattling around in the paper sack. But there wasn’t. 

She read the fortune again, and felt seriously disappointed. 

That had not been a fortune. It was a self-help admonition that had somehow crawled inside a stale bit of curled dough.

Possibly, though, the universe had decided to stop dispensing good luck. Which might also help explain the disappearance of surprise toys from the insides of Cracker Jack boxes.  

All the delights of her childhood seemed to be vanishing at a rapid pace.