Note to world: emoji mysteries

Dear emoji-using people of the world : 

Today I noticed that there are NINE (!) cat face emojis — in the “people” section, no less — but only one dog face emoji – in the “animal” section.   

And while I totally understand why the one dog face chosen is that of a happy Fido, I don’t get the reason why cats appear to have a more expressive range of emotions than dogs. The last time I checked, all cats seemed to have a constant demeanor of bemused annoyance.  

And I understand even less why cats and dogs are separated so starkly as people v. animal…..unless it has something to do with the way Donald Trump views the world….in which case, I give up because that’s another phenomenon I totally don’t understand either. 


The lady who only recently tapped into her true emotions, let alone wrangled her emoji usage correctly 


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