Note to world #5764

Many of the women around her looked beautiful, trim and ever youthful – with lovely clothes and a rotation of even lovelier matching accessories. It made her wonder, as she pondered her wrinkly brow and gray hairs, how one ages gracefully in the age of cosmetic/plastic/surgically implanted everything.  After all, a person could alter her entire face, right down to her eyelashes, these days. 

And she knew she wanted to look good but also look her age, if these were compatible notions at all. The more she thought about it, the more it sounded like a huge challenge – bigger than being a single working mom.  After all, she would be fighting against the inevitable. 

So she decided not to worry about it for now and tucked it away so as to let it jolt her awake one night at 3 am instead – maybe on the cusp of her next significant birthday.  


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