& her bike

Because it was an ampersand kind of day
she threw her bicycle on the back of her car
and crossed fingers that everything would align,
that she would find a magical road on
which to ride out all her worries and woes –
& even the sight of her bike wheels
spinning in her rear view mirror
caused her to smile all the way to work.

Note to world #5843

She listened to her work colleagues squabble about whether a document should use “U.S.” or “US” – and why not United States at all? – including what had been done in the past……aghast to find they had been inconsistent, they then moved into triple spliced inferred and recalled intentions – and sloshed into a general philosophical conversation about whether the past should in fact have a death grip on the future.  

She was silent throughout, her cheery mood slipping further and further into the crevice of her chair. Apparently she was no longer in love with words and the rules of language – having had any such lust beaten from her after several decades of conference room pedantry.  

Note to world #7483

Maybe I have tried to do too many things this week.  Or this month. Or this year (is it really April??). Or maybe this entire lifetime …. 

Because every part of my body feels tired today. Even the parts that shouldn’t feel anything at all – and that just can’t be a positive sign.