When will you next be within the gravitational pull of my heart ? Perhaps never, a fact I accept as I watch you move farther and farther beyond the orbit of my life. I adjust the heavenly bodies to account for your absence, this time with the help of GPS coordinates and modern electronic logistics – because one can’t be guided by the stars all the time, except when sparks of electricity and logic fail to provide a navigational course, and I am left simply utterly alone with the dark spot on the moon that was once our love and no native tools with which to craft the next phase of myself.

love by proxy

They made love in silence
each a proxy for the other’s
real true desire.

He shut off the lights
so that they couldn’t really
see each other.

She dutifully turned her head
away and he buried his face
in her neck.

In the warm haven of her nape,
he clinched his eyes shut to
remember someone else.

And she closed her eyes too,
so she could dream of
some other place.

stories lost

He could see things
that others could not –
witnessing scenes from life
as stories full of meaning –
but then he lost his
ability to remember them.

Observations without context
simply became small dots
marking his journal, his day:
spots of blankness
growing larger until
they engulfed his mind.
Strains of recollection
bursting through –
a gasp of memory
that swallowed the world
around and left him
struggling for present tense.