Note to world #803

So far, basketball season has been quite a hoot. 

The younger daughter’s team hasn’t won a single game. But much to my delight : their coaches – two of the high school girl basketball players – get so excited about the game that I think the team hasn’t noticed their streak of losses.  Every score is a major cause for celebration, even when the ball goes into the wrong basket (a frequent occurrence!). 

And it’s a town league so the girls know each other well and almost all the team’s fouls seem to be followed by profuse apologies.  

They’ve also developed a funny team chant that they yell after every defeat – er, game: it goes like this: “L-Y-N-X, Lynx, Lynx, ’cause you don’t know what’s coming next !”  

Except at this point, I kind of do know what is coming next. It’s fun anyway and I love their zeal.  I wish they could feel this way about everything. 

My older daughter is the manager for her team and injured herself with the pencil keeping stats.  I’m discouraged from watching those games because I’m currently the “soooo embarrassing“mom.  I have heard that, based on the ages and gender of my children, this awkward phase of my development will last for about a decade. 

Sigh.  It’s just another day of parental paradise in suburbia. 


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