Note to world #515

When I studied my writings for the past several months, one trend really emerged: I mostly speak about myself and my life either in images or in the third person. 

The funny thing is that I have also heard the beginnings of psychosis described this way….

It’s just so damn fine, that line between crazy and lonely. 


2 thoughts on “Note to world #515

  1. Setting aside issues of psychosis or borderline craziness (both of which seem unlikely in one managing to survive in Manhattan’s hard-edged corporate world while remaining clear-eyed), and speaking simply about writing techniques — it is often preferable in a number of ways to cast one’s personal experiences in the third person. When read back,the third person enables one to be more objective about the course of the narrative, and to remove the truly nauseating. It also eliminates a “poor little me” miasma of self-pity which can otherwise easily hang over the entire enterprise and destroy it. And if sufficiently disguised with alterations of name and some details, a third-person narrative protects still-living participants in one’s story from unwanted disclosures (possibly inaccurate from their point of view). About speaking of oneself and one’s life in images, I cannot comment. That has never been my style. However, I do enjoy your photographs, without “reading” them as especially reflecting a view of life tending towards the crazy.

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