Note to world #405

She was too busy to even make regular friends anymore – let alone meet potential boyfriends.  Her hectic schedule did not discourage her from trying anyway – though she cut out her personal grooming efforts to make time for socializing.  But upon reflection perhaps this reordering of priorities had negatively impacted her friend-making attempts.  


2 thoughts on “Note to world #405

  1. Unfortunately, almost everyone (myself included) makes shallow initial judgments about potential friends, and especially potential intimate friends, based on appearances. While “grooming” can be taken too far (obsessive perusing of cutting-edge fashion periodicals and of upscale beauty tips from persons such as Gwyneth Paltrow and her friends), it goes without saying that bad hair, terrible clothing and undesirable body odors will discourage potential new friends from approaching. By contrast, a new outfit, especially acquired for a terrific price during the post-Christmas sales, does wonders for the morale (if only for a short while) and might jump-start 2016’s friend-making attempts.

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