Note to world #501

It feels like yesterday when I stood on the train platform and watched the New York City downtown skyline burn. Except for the smoke belching from the two towers, the sky was otherwise so beautifully blue, the breeze soft and the sun warm on my face. It seemed shameful to even experience the pleasure of a gorgeous fall day when there was such horrific tragedy.  

But this is the wonderful paradox of life – that there are people who can and do choose happiness and life and love even when things seem hopeless.  They fight to have the courage to be happy in the face of daily terror and invite optimism to join them in some small way every day.  

They make life what it is meant to be and I am so grateful for these people, so humbled by their unrelenting zeal to thrive.    May they continue to inspire me toward goodness and kindness in the world with their quietly heroic efforts to make a simple life for themselves and those they love.  



2 thoughts on “Note to world #501

    1. I feel it would be dishonorable to the memory of those who died to live otherwise. As my favorite professor once said – cynicism is the posture of a coward.

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