love, modern

it was love,
the modern version:
abridged and
full of acronyms
and emoticons.
her ceaseless longing for
the ring buzz ping of
his digital caress,
her own fingers
smudging the screen
with impatient swipes
as she tried to satiate
palpable desire
with the solitary flicker
of the cursor
before she reached
her data plan limits

the last time

the last time i took this line,
we stood next to each other
– like strangers we are not –
you looking at my funny hat
but not at me just underneath
me looking at my own shoes
and not at you or anyone else

and i wondered just then whether
we ever really saw each other at all

Note to world #9

She could remember snatches of the theories of time and she had been mildly fascinated by the concept of birth order and all it could mean.  But like the way she did a lot of things in life, she had her oldest child second – out of order and time – and it seemed to be working out just fine. 

Dance of the Doritos 

Something about the scene at her daughter’s annual dance recital made her downright hostile.  Every year, the same crazy anger rose up in her chest and suffocated her.  She sulked, she stared blankly at the glittery oversexed performances, ignored the very young woman that her exhusband brought with him (a different one every year) and kept her mouth tightly shut.  It was just one day and it was for her daughter so she fought hard to keep herself in check.  

So here she was again – same bat time, same bat channel – trying hard not to go bat shit on anyone.  She was desperate for a diversion from the raging drama over whether to insist that the little girls remove their underwear before putting on their costumes – and settled for a bag of Doritos instead.  She was busy licking thick orange paste off her fingers like the apocalypse was nigh when the only other divorced mother she knew approached her. 

They exchanged pleasantries – she doing do from behind slobbery digits – and then, rather unannounced and unexpectedly, the other mother started commenting on her exhusband’s “date” and confessing that she too had dated her exhusband.  Oh good, she said, thanks for letting me know. And with that, she turned and loudly asked for a show of hands from any other random women in the area who might have also slept with her exhusband.  

Seeing no other surprises waiting to happen, she excused herself from the conversation and went to find another bag of Doritos and maybe a lonely corner to go with it – because she still needed to get through another 5 dance acts before it was all said and done.