A letter 

Dear Mr. Webster, 

I love words and word play but even more, I love playing within the rules. 

And there was a time when I honestly believed that your dictionary was a referee of language and words, protecting against the erosion of its meaning by insisting on certain standards for inclusion within its crisp pages.  After all, your dictionary is used to definitively resolve Scrabble conflicts, crossword puzzle quandaries, subtleties of meaning, mysterious spellings and pronounciations and so much more in life. 

But more recently, I feel that the dictionary you produce now simply reflects popular trends in vocabular malfeasance.  For me, it no longer sets the standard by which we communicate but merely mimics the turbulent and fickle world of the Internet with its mindless memes and clickbait tactics.   This makes me sad beyond measure.  


WTF in Wallawalla


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