note to world #836

These days, the actual news was so heartwrenching that sometimes she would turn the radio to a station of wordless static and let blank space fill her incredulous mind.  She could not read the newspaper properly and she did not even dare to eavesdrop casually on television reports.  

She pared back reality to include only those things that happened specifically to her each day. She knew it might seem self absorbed and superficial – but to allow for more threatened to swallow her whole.  

2 thoughts on “note to world #836

  1. I concur, and I thought it was just I who did that. I was going to start a post this morning with this line: “Every morning right around news time, I say it again and again, ‘Guns don’t kill people, guns don’t kill people, guns…'”.. ah, but they do. Fast and certain. And that news would be bad enough.

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