Note to world #447

Her dog had anxiety – lots of anxiety. So it was not exactly a surprise when the dog started biting its own nails to bloody stumps. 

What was truly astonishing was the amount of money she paid to find that out. At those rates, she felt the dog should now be able to perform certain household chores. Instead, her dog just ran around like an agitated flatulent mess every day. 


It was spring and the mother was making a fresh start of things in her new little garden.  Among other things, she selected a weeping cherry with graceful limbs and delicate blossoms for one corner of the tiny patch.  When the mother asked her youngest daughter what she thought of the new tree, the little daughter scrunched her nose, said she preferred trees that weren’t sad all the time and ran off to play.  Caught off guard, the mother spent the rest of the afternoon psychoanalyzing her other garden selections.  


She was 3 years into
40 before she fully
realized her age.
And when it finally
dawned on her
to feel middling old 

her face suddenly grew
h e a v y and l o n g
and her limbs
s o t i r e d.

note to world #1002

It was an ordinary flight for an ordinary business trip. Except she started fretting about the happiness of pilots she had never met and planes she wasn’t on that vanished for no apparent reason—which, when coupled with all the things she had left unfinished at home and the office, made for quite the little panic attack.