note to world #19

When I was young and not yet a full blown awkward teenager, there was a brief period when I thought it was very cool to write in invisible ink and talk pig latin with my friends in front of adults.  And it seems that the modern day equivalent among my children is to talk in hashtags and slur all the words together into one long jumble.  So I am trying my best to be patient and hope that the trend fades.  But really – I can barely understand my daughters and most of the time, am operating on intuition and vague understanding.  Couple the fondness for hashtags with their persistent overuse of the word “like” and my children really could be speaking a different language to me.  Last night, for example, one daughter requested dessert in a way that I can hardly re-create … but it went a little bit like this: “Mom, like can you hashtag buildafire so we can like have hashtag gooeys’mores after hashtag yummypastadinner? We want to like hashtag lightourmarshmallowsonfire and take like hashtag selfieswiths’mores. Hashtag imbeggingyoumom.  Please?”

I wanted to tell her to eat some skinny half naked popcorn and watch a movie while I lingered in a corner by myself quietly drinking another cup of coffee and longing for a nap.  But instead, I built a small fire and we ate s’mores. I also took photos of the entire event so they could share pictures of themselves stuffing their mouths with chocolatey strands of melted marshmallow.  During which time they found it impossible to speak at all, let alone in hashtags.  It was lovely.




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