Note to world #43

She was worried about her job interview tomorrow. Really worried – like the ‘three days deep into a headache’ unreasonably kind of worried. But when she was having dinner with her two young daughters last night, it dawned on her that she should probably not be so worried.
After all, she was a mother of two young girls in the age of social media. She had a neurotic dog, an old house and an uncommunicative pet fish. She scrambled to answer every difficult question her children posed every day, running the gamut of things in the sometimes crazy upside down universe. Her mere existence had often asked her to stretch her mind and imagination to the outer edges. She had met the challenges of life with the best answers she could give – which sometimes included the most confident and reassuring “I don’t know” that she could provide.

What could some executive possibly ask her that she couldn’t handle ?

She just needed to visualize her skeptical and insatiably curious daughters, her frightened dog and her immobile fish the other side of that table and everything would be fine.


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