storm wrought menagerie

The moment I heard the first crackle of faraway thunder, I suggested to my youngest daughter that we have a sleepover in my bedroom.  After a brief consultation with her mushed-up teddy bear, my daughter (and the dog) agreed that it would be more fun to weather a big storm together, even if I did take up much of the bed.  My daughter teetered into my bedroom in her jammies, bear and dog in tow.  We even perched the fish bowl on my bedside table.  After some significant pillow fluffing and blanket tossing to get comfortable, we snuggled in a giant (and somewhat stinky) doggy/teddy/daughter/mommy pile.  While the storm flashed and boomed, I told all the funny little stories my daughter requested until she fell asleep mid-cuddle with the gathered menagerie – except for Sammy the fish, who was not much for cuddling anyway.


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