Cat sisters

“ISO: home for cat sisters

Stella and Mabel are two sisters born in Arkansas and raised in Oklahoma. They have just turned 70 but they are still playful and healthy. It is important that they stay together as they’ve never been apart. They have over 20 cats who live with them and to whom the sisters have given their complete love and affection. They are sweet and affectionate and have had all of their immunizations. If you can help find them a home, please contact Linda at xxx-xxxx or”

Linda sat with the two sisters, reading over the ad and fussing with wording.
Linda wondered aloud whether it was wiser to say “over 20 cats” or just “23 cats.” Mabel felt it needed to be clarified that it was the cats and not them who had been immunized, though on second thought, she reasoned that it was true for them as well as the cats. Stella worried that they would have better chances of finding a home if they had no cats. Mabel gave Stella a steely glare and knocked Stella across the head with her cane at the suggestion. Linda gasped but Stella continued, completely unphased.

“You know, Linda, we didn’t start out owning any cats at all,” said Stella, rubbing her head. “But then one day, after a boy with the most beautiful hazel eyes broke my heart, Mabel came home with a soft gray kitten and that was the beginning.”

Mabel chuckled and clucked. “I remember that boy. He almost kilt my poor sister, beat her up black and blue on account of nearly nothing. I had watched my ma go through the same thing with my da and it stoked something fierce in my heart. When I saw Stella all bruised, right then and there I decided no man – nice eyes or not – was goin’ to break my sister. Nor me neither. I swore off men altogether and I made Stella take the same vow. It’s been us and the cats ever since. No regrets.”

“Right, Stella?” Mabel demanded, pounding her cane tip on the floor.

Stella was quiet. Her mind had wandered to some far away place and her eyes were sad. “Yes, Mabel,” she echoed obediently. “No regrets.”


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