She was at it again: groogling – a lethargic blend of grumpy and groggy late night googling, a bumbling mental hike through the World Wide Web and all it’s varied offerings. She usually started with her typical insomnia and went through all her tricks for sleeping. When they failed, which they almost always did, she would then half prop herself in bed and start looking up the previous day’s lingering curiosities. From there, she let her oddly conjoined search terms lead her exploration.

She imagined that she was not alone and that thousands upon thousands were crashing through the same electronic forest, maybe in the house right next to hers even, lost and cranky about it.

Last night, she explored the origin of the word peloton and puzzled over it’s kinda sorta similarities to cotillion, the word she kept mixing it up with. And she was learning about the inoculation of legumes when her head finally smashed back into the pillow in utter fatigue.

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