Note to world #110

Sometimes things come into her brain and stick there. So he said “blah blah blah” and “wa wa wa” and the only bit she remembered was this:

“There is a point at which having perspective can be disenfranchising. For example, always finding the silver lining by thinking that things could be worse instead of searching for the upside by trying to make things better.”

She scurried to a quiet place in the big echo-filled conference center to think through that one fragment and found herself in a toilet stall. While she pretended to be using the toilet, she pondered what his statement might mean for her. What if maybe it meant that she should stop being happy at the simple fact that she wasn’t dead – and actually reclaim her existence by living.

Right. What if.

She looked around at the blank stall walls and sighed heavily. It occurred to her that this revelation probably meant she would also need to stop hiding in bathrooms.


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