lunch plans

I am terribly sorry about the circumstances under which we will not be seeing each other today.

I know we had long-standing lunch plans, set and reset after much negotiation over our crowded calendars, but you see:

Today, I gave up my seat on the crowded train to an older woman.  Then she clucked and tsked, pointing at my open bag.  She said something too soft for me to hear.  I bent over to listen but just then lost my balance and fell.  I heard her call, “Don’t tempt fate, my dear” as my limbs sparked the third rail.  I can only imagine all the commuters angry about the delay as my head fell against the track gravel and the train screeched to a halt.  After all, there was that sign: Do not lean on door.

So, silly me, now I need to reschedule our lunch date. Again.

This time, however, may I suggest we pick never as our next available day ?


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