Craig’s list

The ad she placed was entitled: friend downsizing.

And indeed, it was a list of people the woman was purging from her life. The ones who only talk about themselves. The ones who reach out solely when they are in need of something. The ones who, under the guise of deep and selfless concern, criticize and demean her and her life choices. The ones who want to be rescued by her. The ones who thrive on drama and anxiety and focus on superficially important things.

Some inquirers wanted to know if the friends came with any furniture–a free couch or slightly used bed perhaps. Or whether any of the friends had useful skills, like housecleaning or laundering. One man asked whether there was an apartment for rent among the group.

When she was done giving them up, she felt much lighter and cleaner. And now she had room for the more important things in her life.


3 thoughts on “Craig’s list

  1. You’ll never know how much I needed to see this. Or maybe you do know, which is why you mentioned it where it could be seen by others. I’ve been on a massive guilt trip about letting go of two of three enormous, demoralizing drains (I let go of the third one a couple of years ago). There’s been too much drama, treachery and being used. 30 years. They’re not going to change, so I had to.

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