Dream sequence

The surface below her crackled and groaned from the shifting weight of her body edging forward. Occasional loud pops echoed upward from the dark depths below.

She did not dare look down and she was too afraid to turn around. She knew that if she retraced her path, she would just have to do this again and she could not bear the thought. She had no choice really except to move onward now…slowly with measured breaths and careful steps. Vivid in her mind was the image of her plunging below the frozen layer to her silent death.

She was treading on the icy patterns of an entire lifetime, habits and behaviors that over time had formed into the treacherous mass upon which she now stood, paused. A wild mix of self hatred and hope compelled her to keep venturing across the ice cold floes of her anxieties and neuroses. Underneath, her slightest movements made strange noises pluck and twang and her gut filled with fear each time. She whispered encouragement to herself. She held her hands out into thin air as if help would appear from the emptiness there based simply on the strength of her desire. She was getting tired but she kept creeping forward. It was important; she needed to get to the other side. She could not think about time anymore. She could only focus on getting beyond this place.

* * * *

She woke up gasping. It was cold and dark in her room and she wore a thin queasy sweat. She did not return to bed that night.


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