dream of me

She had an alibi, but she was still on edge.

In fact, the woman whose throat she had just slit provided her with the alibi.  The woman came out of the theater and handed her the ticket to her seat and a hard plastic coat check chit.  The woman pressed these into her hand before turning away and walking into the dark alley behind the theater.  She followed the woman, stepping faster and closer behind the woman until she was nearly one with her and she could feel the woman’s heartbeat in her own quickened pulse.  And then she reached around the woman’s neck and sliced it quickly with tremendous force, trying to round the blade around the woman’s arteries.  Her vision grew dim with the rush of excitement coursing through her and she felt flush and lightheaded.  The woman gasped softly in pain and reached reflexively for the knife but in a way that held it there.  Startled by her victim, she pulled the knife away and the woman collapsed on the pavement.   With her last bit of strength, the woman twisted around to look up at her as she died.  She took a good long look into the dying woman’s face.  The woman’s eyes had a peaceful stillness to them and her face was serene.

She dropped the knife and ran through the dark city until she reached the river’s edge.

She had killed herself.


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