Misery is a Commuter

In the early morning, serious commuters have an unspoken rule that every car of the train is the quiet car. We need time to contemplate our misery.

The uninitiated and the ignorant can be heard enjoying themselves in conversation or talking on the phone in urgent docudrama dialogues with their family or friends.

These folks risk possible death by angry imagination.

Another rule is that you should not sit next to any other passenger. Ever. We need space for our misery.

Anyone seen violating this rule is forever marked by our eyes with hatred.

Yet another rule requires that you not disturb any sleeping riders. We need time to sort the nightmares of our misery.

Persons awakening others are the lowest form of human life in that moment and forever outcasts of the brotherhood. Forever is a long time. So just think about that before you rouse the miserable commuter.


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