It is a dream I have while I am awake.

I am floating just below the surface of the water.
The sound of the world is muted.
People speak but I can’t hear them clearly because of the translucence between us.
And then I am thrust farther down into the water by some unknown thing.
Beyond the world’s reach.
There is no sound at all deep in the water except gurgling, swirling bubbles floating upward.
Signs of my futile thrashing toward the surface of the world.
Liquid fills my nose and mouth and I cannot scream or breathe.
My eyes lose sight of everything but the water, which stretches infinitely around me now.
My heart and lungs burn burn burn until the water floods them too, to extinguish my fire, my life.

I die in front of everyone.
But no one sees.
And there is no sound.


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