I LOVE a good jigsaw puzzle. Just finished one by myself, crouched among the mess in my house. And since an unfinished jigsaw is a bit of a mess itself, I felt duty bound to tidy it up by completing it – you know?

When I was a kid, my parents would allow me to take over the entire dining room table with a multi-thousand piece puzzle. We never ate meals there and it was the right size for large jigsaw puzzles. Plus jigsaw puzzles were cheap and long-lasting entertainment: perfect for my parents’ budget and my needs. When I had insomnia, I would drag out a puzzle and sit quietly at the table. I had a method for sorting the pieces and then systematically slotting them into the various gaps until a picture formed. The method soothed my mind and soon I would be ready for sleep to come.

Kind of like how I feel right now, in fact. Yaaaaaaawn.


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