Note to world #4439

At this moment in time, it appeared that her oldest child could become either a ruthless business executive or a wayward circus performer.

And the truth was that, for her, it was the unknown possibility that was most exciting.


Life, clean

washing of the hands at meiji shrine, tokyo

Note to world #8342

I’ve been experimenting with grocery delivery services to save time and money. And so far, the results have been mixed.

Yesterday, for example.

It appears, in trying to buy the ingredients for homemade Mac & Cheese, I accidentally ordered something like $300 worth of cheese.

My refrigerator has become a wall of cheddar.

On the upside, I’ve now decided to modify my Easter menu so that all the dishes are cheese based and we will now be having a “Cheese-ster” dinner.

Because who really likes ham anyway ?


I want to have
to say. To you.
An unraveled thread
to hold you
near, because
when it. Breaks. I
will forever
lose a place:
For my heart
to be held
and safely bared.

Life, inspired

Zoe Leonard exhibit at the Whitney – she assembled all these postcards of Niagara Falls. In stacks. Based on location / viewpoint along the Falls.

And then pinned the same on a wall, again assembled by location.

And it made me want to come home and make art out of the ordinary.

Life, fallen

me – inside – at work

looking at this tree,

deep kinship rising,

felled by the

quiet weight

of things,

dissected by

company machinations &

left to decompose

on the otherwise

perfect corporate

lawn – this tree,

this, me